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Prof. Pontiano Kaleebu takes a picture with the guests

Prof. Charlotte Watts and other UK officials visited the Uganda Virus Research Institute in support for the activities of UVRI, MRC, IAVI etc. on the 16th of January, 2020. Professor Charlotte...

Researchers have been challenged to be vigilant and gain extensive knowledge on intellectual property so as to protect their research and attain individual and community benefits.

The call...

Scientists have come up with another innovation to respond to the Ebola outbreak. During the next Ebola outbreak, a brand new vehicle might come to the rescue. It’s a lab on wheels that some...

The United States Secretary for Health and Human Services Alex Azar has visited Uganda Virus Research Institute and applauded the Institute for contributing to global health efforts, especially in...

The Accreditation Committee of the College of American Pathologists (CAP) has awarded accreditation to the HIV Reference Laboratory at the Uganda Virus Research Institute in Entebbe, Uganda based...

The Uganda Virus Research institute (UVRI) in collaboration with Target Malaria Uganda have officially opened a new Arthropod Containment Level 2 (ACL-2) insectary at the UVRI campus, Entebbe....

The Uganda Virus Research Institute in partnership with the Research and Education Network Uganda (RENU) has held a mini Direct Engineering Assistance (DEA) workshop which has been run from the...

UVRI in partnership with Research and Education Network Uganda (RENU) is hosting a one week workshop of Campus Network Security (CNS) that is aimed at training ICT officers from all RENU partner...

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The UVRI engages in health research pertaining to human infections and disease processes associated with or linked to viral aetiology and provides expert advice, enables partnerships and communication and serves as a center for training and education.

Vision and Mission

To be a world class center of excellence in health research.

To conduct scientific investigations on viral and other communicable diseases so as to contribute to knowledge, policy, practice and build capacity while promoting institutional sustainability.

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Projects at UVRI

I welcome you to the Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI) website. UVRI is a Government Institution under the Ministry of Health and the Uganda National Health Research Organization (UNHRO)....

Capacity Building

Undergraduate students receive certificates for presenting brilliant research papers before a panel of judges and conference attendees at Uganda... Read More

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Prof Kaleebu MRC/UVRI explains the mixed HIV Strains
Prof Kaleebu MRC/UVRI explains the mixed HIV Strains

Who we work with

The UVRI is grateful to the support of its local and international partners, both past and present,  who have generously funded its activities in Uganda over the years, enabling UVRI to make great strides in health research and inching closer to its vision. These include:

On Campus partners