Thursday, 18 October 2018


  6. Planning & Fundraising (P&F) Department;

Planning and Fundraising (P&F); this functional area was created to coordinate all the planning related functions. Their creation bridges the gap in the existing structure and harmonizes the functions of Planning; Budgeting; M&E, and Information and documentation. The functional area therefore will have the Planning Unit and Fundraising Unit.

The division is headed by a Principal  Economist.

      Key functions of the (P&F):

  1. Facilitate proposal writing and channeling to potential funders
  2. Fund raising
  3. develop five year and annual work plans for the Institute
  4. Budgeting for institute activities
  5. Policy development and dissemination
  6. Human resource planning and forecasting

      Key out puts of the (P&F):

  1. Adequate funds realized
  2. Five year and annual work plans developed
  3. Annual budgets developed
  4. Policies developed and disseminated
  5. Human resource planning and forecasting schedules prepared
  6. Framework for coordination with the relevant Ministries and Agencies on cross cutting outputs

      Planning Unit;

  1. The Key Functions of the Planning Unit will therefore be to;
  2. Review and revise and update the UVRI Development Plan (DP) .
  3. Coordinate the preparation of the Institute plan.
  4. Compile the plans of the various functional areas into a complete institution plan.
  5. Assist the functional areas in the development, review and implementation of their DPs
  6. Conduct training in planning at all levels of the institution system.
  7. Keep up to date with current methodologies and technologies in planning.
  8. Assist UVRI in developing more effective and relevant operational plans.
  9. Budgeting

     Fundraising Unit;

     Key Functions

  1. Make sure the institute is worth raising funds for
  2. Ensure there’s a specific fundraising target
  3. Writing strong Case Statements for soliciting for funds
  4. Ensure prospect research occurs to identify how much money might be raised from different types of resources
  5. identify specific, potential sources of funds from a diverse mix of sources
  6. Develop an action plan about who is going to approach what source, how and by when
  7. Profiling the types of donors institute would like to attract.
  8. Ensure effective administrative systems to track grants and donations
  9. Track performance
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