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Internship presentation competitions 2015    

The internship presentation competitions being held for the 5th time at UVRI under the Makerere University/UVRI Infection and Immunity Research Training Programme-MUII collaboration took place on the 7th Aug 2015 in the new training building. UVRI is committed to providing training in practical skills in accordance with the Uganda Public Service Standing Orders 2010, to enhance employability skills of undergraduates and graduates Scientists and Social workers from various training Institutions. The Internship program runs throughout the year with a peak period from June to August, the Internship presentation competition takes place were students showcase what they have learnt in the field but most especially come up with new ideas that contribute to research and UVRI being a world class center for health research.

 In this year’s competitions students who were nominated had to first submit abstracts of the their projects, 30 abstracts were submitted from different departments i.e. finance & Administration/electrical/Engineering, Social Science/Community work, Statistics and Modelling basic lab and Clinical Sciences from which 11 were selected for oral presentations. It was a stiff competition that students had to present in front of their fellows and the adjudicators who gave them points according to the science in the idea, quality of presentation (slides), how the presenter answered the audience questions and the knowledge applied to the answers.

Asiimwe Aggrey the 1st prize winner who presented; Evaluation of potential role of CD8 cell non-Cytotoxic antiviral effect on protection from IN-Utero Transmission of HIV-1, had this to say “the internship competition was an eye opener towards science research and made me a better presenter, the certificate is going to boost my CV and I am so grateful to my supervisors for advising me on my especially Dr. Jennifer Serwanga Cellular Immunologist-MRC/UVRI”.
The 1st Runners-up went to Lazaaro Mujumbusi from Social science and community work department and 2nd Runners were the IT MRC/UVRI intern team who presented; a Social network customized for MRC/UVRI to enhance communication and relations.

The day was crowned by a motivation speech from Dr. Jane Kengeya Kayondo Wellcome Trust, Special Adviser for Africawho sharpened the life skills in Interns like getting mentors, time management, innovativeness, money management, dressing and developing a culture of reading, she challenged them to set a five goal that they ought to achieve.

“Next time you see a particularly well-poised, well groomed, clear thinking effective person, remind yourself that he wasn’t born that way. Lots of conscious effort, invested day by day made that person what he is”

 She later gave a copy of her life auto-biography book “The Hero With In” to the three best presenters. Robert Mujabi-UVRI IT Manager one of the adjudicators encouraged the interns to stop using jargons, wrong spellings and unnecessary abbreviations in speech and writing, he also emphasized the importance of presentation especially the way one dresses.

Prof. Alison Elliot Head of Co-infection studies Programme CISP handed certificates of presentation signed by the UVRI Director Dr. Edward Katongole Mbidde to all Interns who presented and all the others who had submitted abstracts earlier.

Moses Kizza-UVRI Training coordinator had this to say “the number of internship application at UVRI is gradually increasing that about 300 applications are received every year,  the UVRI staff as a whole are contibuting to students supervision, the competition was an interesting experience to the students and training committee”.

Group Photo of Interns and supervisors
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