Thursday, 18 October 2018

NGS Metagenomics Training at UVRI

Prospective Ph.D. students who had been carrying out their research and had preliminary metagenomics data for analysis met with their supervisor, Dr. Emma Thomson from MRC-University of Glasgow, Centre for Virus Research for NGS Metagenomics training, this was intended to orient the students so as to carry out their independent analysis in future.

The main facilitators were Dr. Emma Thomson and Dr. Jonathan Kayondo from UVRI and were assisted by Mr. Edward Lukyamuzi, Shirin Ashraf and David Twesigomwe. The class comprised of 8 students from Uganda Virus Research Institute and partners including MRC/UVRI Research Unit on AIDS and Makerere University/UVRI Infection and Immunity Research (MUII). The training was sponsored by Makerere University/UVRI Infection and Immunity Research (MUII).



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