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2022 Alliance For Global Health And Science Summer Institute Workshop

The Alliance for Global Health and Science (the Alliance) is a partnership between the University of California, Berkeley and Makerere University.  The Alliance seeks to make a tangible, enduring impact by focusing on locally identified health research needs and strengthening collaborations between faculty at UC Berkeley and Makerere University.

The Alliance Summer Institute is an opportunity for Makerere University students to learn cutting edge, vital skillsets for bioscience researchers from world class scientists from the University of California system, the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub, and Makerere University. This year, the Institute will be held in a blended format, with some courses virtual, some completely in-person, and some in a hybrid format. Courses will be held between July 18th and July 29th, with some courses only being held for one week.

If you are interested in participating in the Summer Institute, please fill out this application form below. Applications are due by June 17th, 2022 at the latest. The courses being offered this year are as follows:

Workshop name: Single Cell RNA-seq Analysis (July 18-22) (Hybrid)
This Bioinformatics workshop will cover experimental design, data preparation, data generation and analysis of single cell RNA sequencing data, of the kind that can be generated using multiple platforms (Ex. 10X genomics and Parse Biosystems). The workshop will explore the analysis of single cell experiments both on the command line and in the R programming language, to the point of interpretation. We will explore ideas such as clustering, cell type identification, gene expression differences between cell types and across experimental conditions. The topics explored will include normalization and QA/QC, Clustering, visualization, differential expression, ontology networks, and more as time allows.
Prerequisites: An intermediate level understanding of Command line and R is highly recommended in order to be able to fully participate.

Apply here: https://forms.gle/WiJUgjCu75hodDg1A