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Uganda Virus Research Institute


Archedeacon of Entebbe visits UVRI

The Archdeacon with some of the staff at UVRI

The  Archdeacon of Entebbe Ven. Can. John Gitta Kavuma was hosted for a pastoral visit at Uganda Virus Research Institute on 24th March 2022. He was accompanied by Rev. William Kizimula Mpalanyi who is the assistant vicar of Entebbe Diocese.

The Archdeacon started his visit with a brief meeting with the Director of Uganda Virus Research Institute Prof Pontiano Kaleebu who shared a brief history of the institute and the latest work being worked on. 

''I am astounded by your values of collaboration, integrity and partnership as they sync with the church objectives and its against that background that we will love to work with you'' said the archdeacon. He further added that effectiveness and efficiency are key values that will be achieved if we are grounded spiritually.

The World Health Organisation defines health as the complete physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing of an individual and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. 

The archdeacon was excited by the scientific work being done by UVRI. He praised the institute with reference to its vision. He likened the institute to being a world class centre in excellence in health research not at a limitted scale but at a global level. ''We only need to chip in the component of spiritual, '' said the Archdeacon.

The proffessor stated that as scientists we are only building on God's creation. 

The archdeacon later proposed finding ways of how the church can work with the institute to promote the same values and asked if it were posible in future to organise site visits and also  have deeper community collaborations on projects like the target malaria.

The Archdeacon further encouraged the staff he met in the training room to make hay before its late. He encouraged staff not to hate one another but to pray for others so that God blesses them in return. He concluded with a quote from a black american gold medalist Williams Vanessa saying; ''the best revenge in life is to be successful.''