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Uganda Virus Research Institute


The UVRI Director Professor Pontiano Kaleebu addresses Uganda's health care status on NBSUG television.

The UVRI Director Professor Pontiano Kaleebu in his address on Uganda's health care status hosted at NBSUG, he mentioned that "PA variant means that the virus is mutating and creating new strains different from others. We became concerned when the UK variant was first confirmed".

He also cautioned about the use of antigens "We are appealing to people not to use the antigens anyhow. They are not as sensitive as the PCR test. Though expensive, the PCR test is still the gold standard".

Prof appreciated the much work done by the researchers behind the scenes "When you do research, the public will not know you. They know mainly the people in hospitals but behind the scenes, we are doing a lot of work".

In his closing remarks,  Professor Pontiano Kaleebu mentioned the various trainings currently ongoing at UVRI in which more than 60 PhDs have been attained in the past 4 years, he also mentioned the infrastructure at UVRI like the staff houses that are currently being renovated and the intended construction of a science building to make UVRI work even more visible. In his conclusion, he also mentioned the work at UVRI intended to inform policy and practice plus addressing emerging infections to ensure that UVRI work stays more relevant in addressing the health needs in our country.

That among others are some of the issues mentioned in the address.