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Watch The TGHN Replay: The Global Health Network Conference 2022

To tackle disease we need evidence to be generated through every type of health research study. The Global Health Network conference aimed to bring together health research teams, organisations, health-workers, policy makers and practitioners to explore together how health research can be embedded into every healthcare setting. The conference took place at the University of Cape town in South Africa from 24-25th November, 2022.

The Global Health Network also celebrated 10 years of mobilising research skills, know-how and methods to foster capable teams that generate new treatment strategies and prevention mechanisms that reduce the burden of disease within communities.


This was an opportunity to discover and share excellence in health research across disease areas, geographies and types of research and generate outputs that can be taken up and used by others.

Watch the conference proceeding here:  https://hub.tghn.org/event-tghn/global-health-network-conference/2022-li...

The event concluded with an exciting final session at #TGHN2022 – the launch of the Women in Global Health Research hub! The Women in Global Health Research Hub is now live! https://womeninglobalhealthresearch.tghn.org

A recurring theme among speakers was the importance of high-quality training and the mentoring of early-career researchers from LMICs as more of these nations determine, deliver on and benefit from their own research priorities. Including good clinical trial guidance in this activity will help ensure research opportunities reach their full potential for public health benefit and can provide high-quality evidence for the communities that are served. The other area was around data sharing in research that needs to be given attention in this new era of pandemics around the globe. Network partners across the world need to keep tabs on the three factors so as to raise the efficiencies of clinical trials with good, principles-based guidance.